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What We Offer

Attention Early Adopters! Are you usually one of the first to sign up for a new initiative because you like to be part of the design? If so, you would love the Edjacent Community!

Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug

Why Join?

Group of teachers on the Edjacent team in Virginia Beach with founder Meghan Raftery
Meghan Raftery of Edjacent, a design collaborative that helps teachers launch small businesses

What are the benefits of joining Edjacent?

Build Connections:

  • Participate in regular meet-ups with like-minded individuals.


Shape the Community:

  • Help define what membership means and guide the direction of our collective.


Exclusive Input and Voice:

  • As one of the first members, your voice will shape Edjacent's future. You may even be invited to participate as one of our long-term advisors.

Group of educators and teachers in Virginia Beach from the Edjacent team

Ready to join us on this journey?

Fill out our interest form to get started. You'll receive an automated intro email, and one of our team members will reach out to chat directly and share how you can become a part of our vibrant community.

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