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Welcome to our Resource Page, featuring curated tools and insights for Change Makers, Educators & Edupreneurs, and Micro Business Owners. Explore these recommendations to stay informed, inspired, and equipped to make a meaningful impact.

Change Makers

The Center for Institutional Courage

The Center for Institutional Courage™ – Courage – is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) institution dedicated to transformative research and education about institutional betrayal and how to counter it through institutional courage.

“Institutional Courage” is an institution’s commitment to seek the truth and engage in moral action despite the unpleasantness, risk, and short-term cost. It is a pledge to protect and care for those who depend on the institution. It is a compass oriented to the common good of individuals, institutions, and the world. It is a force that transforms institutions into more accountable, equitable, and effective places for everyone.

Edjacent recommends subscribing to the newsletter, following on social media, or exploring archived resources and supporting the advancement of the 11 Steps to Promote Institutional Courage in your sphere of influence to understand how individual action can lead to institutional improvement.

Virginia Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (VASCD)

VASCD actively promotes public policy that reflects best educational practice and addresses the needs of modern learners, including decisions and policies that reflect “autonomy with integrity”, their belief in the abilities of educators to make sound decisions regarding teaching and learning. Edjacent recommends subscribing to this newsletter as a model for how to actively follow a state’s legislative agenda with specific values and beliefs in mind. VASCD models a practical, values-driven approach to advocacy that blends strategy with belief in an action-oriented, collaborative, and incremental way.

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