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Empowering Educators To Design The Future



Edjacent helps the helpers

Are you a parent, educator, or caregiver working directly with young people? What we say and what we show matter to the young people who look up to us. To provide a more hopeful future for children, we must model a sustainable life. The Edjacent community is dedicated to providing resources for children’s first responders to collectively model a more sustainable life for them. When our first responders are well cared for, they can show young people what it looks like to live a happy, healthy, and hopeful life.


Noun  [suh·stey·nuh·bil·i·tee]

  1. Meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations.


Noun   [furst ruh·spaan·dr]

  1. Adults who work closely with young people and model a sustainable life.

Group of educators and teachers in Virginia Beach from the Edjacent team

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Meet Our Clients

After more than 40 years as a teacher, professional school counselor and administrator, I retired from service in the areas of DEI with the hope that my expertise would be valued in some way to further the equity goals of the school division. I launched an LLC and began my career as an educational consultant; however, very little interest was shown by the division and things came abruptly to a halt. I was then introduced to Edjacent, and I felt like I won a lottery jackpot! I discovered a group of educators who find value in my years of experience and who actually appreciate my perspective. I must admit that I have never found a group of educators (past and present) who are more committed to bringing about an awareness of a need for reform within the education system. As a part of this collaborative, I can see a hopeful future for students and teachers, and I am proud and honored to be a part of their effort!

Frances Knight Thompson.jpeg

Frances Knight Thompson

Edjacent Designer

Edjacent coaching provides me with a thought partner, support and accountability as I reflect on my current practice and create action steps to grow. The Edjacent community provides me with a layer of support beyond what I find at work and enables me to look at challenges from multiple perspectives with a positive growth mindset.  I would recommend the Edjacent community and/or coaching to anyone who is looking for professional development that actually meets your personal and professional needs as it has enabled me to optimize my growth.

Annemarie Durkin.png

Annemarie Durkin

Member + Coaching Client

My teachers continue to talk about the learning gained from our Edjacent training. I have noticed we have gained a common language which has propelled our ability to work interdependently in service of our students. As a principal, I am grateful for the time Edjacent gave our teachers to reflect and expand their self-awareness. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Jackie Sargent.jpeg

Jackie Sargent

Principal, Strawbridge Elementary School, VBCPS

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