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Stand With the Three Hs: Hope, Humanity, Humility

I will never begin to know anyone’s total lived experiences. I only know my lived experiences and perspectives because I have to consciously reflect on my own lived experiences and perspectives. This mode of constant reflection encourages me to understand how I can maximize my gifts and talents within my sphere of influence. Life has many complexities and seasons. Some seasons and experiences are difficult and painstaking for individuals. Others are times to celebrate and proclaim excellence and excitement. When seasons and experiences are challenging, we must rely on the three Hs: Hope, Humanity, and Humility.

  • Hope allows us to prepare for growth and improvement with a spirit of expectations.

  • Humanity allows us to understand the connectedness and love for humans.

  • Humility allows us to have appropriate self-worth, but understand the interdependence of community.

When times get difficult we cannot forget our personal values.

Individually, as we go through seasons we cannot ignore our personal values, like the 3Hs. Personal values are beliefs and principles that are foundational to our personal purpose in life. Essentially, hope, humanity, and humility are foundational to my purpose to empower and equip myself and others in my life. Therefore, I must recognize when I am being difficult or not acknowledging my blind spots or bias in most situations. How do I cultivate my emotional intelligence to enhance my full potential?

Collectively, as we go through seasons do we provide real advice, perspective, and dialogue? We should acknowledge the real experiences and perspectives in life, but speak about greatness and asset thinking. Part of enhancing emotional intelligence requires us to practice self-care and reflection. Human beings have to find what fills our individual vessels. We cannot give to others what we do not own.  I cannot give someone anything if I do not have access to it. I cannot fake it! The part I love about effective presentations, whether they are at school, church, or other venues is that when the presenter(s) truly knows the content or strategy there is a flow and freedom. Once they get into their element it becomes transformative, and authentic to the experience. What is in you will come out! 

As you reflect on this blog entry, really consider if you have allowed yourself to move beyond your comfort zone. Let’s be real: the pandemic has been complex. Oftentimes I grieve my father passing away from COVID-19 complications; however, this pandemic has grown me in many areas that I can now use to enhance my father’s legacy of community, excellence, and pride. Consider the educational institution, when we were challenged by the restrictions the virus placed in our paths. School officials, leaders, and teachers had to become innovative about teaching and learning. How do we maintain innovation to support responsive instruction for students? Sometimes we are too comfortable and when we do not stretch past the margins we miss an experience, perspective, and/or opportunity to maximize our ability to enhance our community. Stand with Hope, Humanity, and Humility as you navigate life’s complexities.

Call to Action: Take some time to reflect on your identities, experiences, and perspectives. What do you need to fill your vessel? What conversations do you need to have this week? What do you think about your level of hope, humanity, and humility? How is your current level of self-reflection? Who is your community to help you with perspectives, bias, and blind spots? Have I allowed myself to be challenged outside my comfort zone? In what ways has comfortability hindered my growth and the growth of others? Join the Edjacent community on Thursday, December 16th from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for community.  See you then.


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